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Mo Kolours - Mike Black

Warning: Listening to this song will lead to multiple listens (in a row). 

Mo Kolours is a half-Mauritian, half-English producer, singer and percussionist. HIs latest self titled album is set to drop on March 23rd (put that date in your diary now). Raised on the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and A Tribe Called Quest, his music interestingly still retains an ever present homage to his Indian Ocean roots. Recognising Mo’s singular voice Gilles Peterson invited him to Maida Vale Studios to record a live session for the BBC before his first EP had even hit the shelves. 

I am personally anticipating his new album more than any other pending release. In the meantime I’ll have to listen to “Mike Black” over and over again. 

Sinitus Tempo - Blue Alley Waltz

Animator Ben Luce has teamed up with Sinitus Tempo to deliver this neurosis inducing video in anticipation of the producer’s upcoming album The Final Odyssey. ’Blue Alley Waltz’ is definitely more experimental than what we’re accustomed to hearing from Sinitus, but it certainly catches the ears, and in combination with the video ensnares the mind; leaving an audiovisual experience that isn’t all that common. Tempo’s new album looks like its going to be very interesting indeed. 

Mecca​:​83 x Kan Sano x Maximoe - Amber Glow

Night Swimmers is a label based in Frankfurt, and clearly have some very talented producers on their roster. The label just dropped two albums simultaneously The Dusty and The Glitchy; both have a distinct and differing flavour to them. The former is all about the downtempo, and instrumental hip-hop beats, with a heavy emphasis on the jazz sampling; that dusty feeling is quite literal. Whereas The Glitchy unsurprisingly features spaced out future beats. Both are great free downloadable albums; I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for future releases.

Haruka Nakamura - Lamp (Feat. Nujabes)

Nakamura of Hydeout Productions has just released Melodica, and it’s an exquisite new addition to his existing musical works.The album features the usual suspects: Cise Starr, Pase Rock, Substantial, Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 and many more. Having been a fan of Haruka for a long time, I was excited to hear a couple of tracks that featured some work by Nujabes. ‘Lamp’ is a beautiful composition, it has that Nujabes quality that just lifts you up. The video accompanies perfectly, it shows Haruka Nakamura in Nujabes’ studio and the two also at the seashore together. If you need a boost today give ‘Lamp’ a listen.


My leave of absence is over; after finding inner peace I am back to share my musical passion. This album is a beat tape battle between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, old-school Asian pop and RZA-esque sounding beats populate the mix tape. Easily worth a dollar.

Standouts on the album: Ninja Halls of Death Arashikage Clan∇, Boxin’ & Fightin’.

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